Wednesday, 1 April 2015

My Month in Photos | March 2015

It's been chaos, but I definitely could never say it was boring. March has been all things: productive, emotional, unpredictable and brilliant. I feel like I've become much calmer over the course of the month, and that can only be a good thing before exam season.

Headed out for a light lunch with Nathan | Selfie on a Monday morning because I was feeling positive | The weather's been beautiful this month! 

I got myself some new statement jewellery | Finished a beautifully written book by R.J. Palacio | Leg pile up with my favourite people

Selfie before school (because I liked my face that day) | The sun was so bright this month I actually started wearing my shades to school again | Went for a lovely drive with Daisy

Before party selfie | At Claire's party with Amy and Nathan | Selfie during the song #Selfie with Chelsea :)

Wandered in on mum doing some painting and couldn't resist the beautiful colours | During a photography shoot with the beautiful Ellie | Myself all made up for one of my photo shoots - talc in the hair, white face paint and red lips - so happy with the results!