Sunday, 19 April 2015

Ten Happy Things

I've been considering ways to change and update my blog quite a lot over the last couple of months, and I thought that I really good way to get the ball rolling is to start by changing the format of my 'Last Week...' posts which I've been keeping up with over the past months.
To begin with, I loved reflecting on each week, but as time's gone on I've found them more and more of a drag to write and decided that I wanted them to take a new direction in some way. Therefore, instead of writing very 'samey' posts that generally follow the lines of 'went to school, did some stuff, came home' I'm now going to write little lists of things that have made me happy over the past week, things that I want to remember and things that have generally left me feeling joyful and cheery.
I'm going to aim for a minimum of ten a week, although I'm sure that some weeks will definitely be more packed than others, and I'm also going to try and incorporate an image that I've taken in the past week as well.
The new title is "Ten Happy Things" and hopefully I'll be able to stick at this as well as I did with my Last Week posts. I hope you all like this new idea, and feel free to share with me a little list of the things that have made you happy in the comments as well, no matter how big or small! 

01. A really lovely evening at the pub with Peter and Sam on Sunday night, which was full of laughter and lighthearted conversation.

02. A road trip to Wye in which I got my camera out again for the first time in ages. I spend so much time photographing things for school that it was a welcome break to be able to take some photos without the pressure of an examiner marking them on their formal elements. I love photography.

03. Listening to some really good music! I've recently got hold of copies of loads of great CDs, including the infamous NOW 90 that is inevitably going to be the absolute soundtrack to my summer this year. I love the chilled vibes, the beats and the way they make me smile from the inside out.

04. A gorgeous day near the sea with some of my favourite people. Daisy drove me, Chelsea, Amy and Hannah to Folkestone for a little shopping trip in which we spent too much money, but all had an awesome day. They all mean a hell of a lot to me, and I'm so glad that we got to spend yet another simple but brilliant day together.

05. A lovely drive with Peter to my 'calm' place: Eastwell Lake. It's not far away from me, and the view is spectacular there. The sun was beaming down and I got my camera out again to capture this beautiful photo. I adore the way the light hits the water's surface, it reminds me of stars.

06. A lay-in followed by a cup of tea and a nice long chat with my Dad on Thursday, in which we discussed local pubs and buying properties - I felt like a proper adult!

07. Multiple conversations with my favourite people, either by text, Snapchat, phone or FaceTime. I'm a lucky girl to have the people in my life that I do. The amount of times Sam, Joff and Jack have cheered me up this week has been off the scale.

08. Installing the Sims 3 onto my computer! Definitely one of my better decisions this week, although it has become a great procrastination tool... perhaps I should wait until after exams before I get properly back into it.

09. Headed out to see Electric River on Friday night with some of my favourite people, including Sam, Caz, Peter and Andrew. It was a brilliant night full of laughter and exceptionally good (but loud) music. I loved the entire vibe of the evening and was super pleased that I got to see them again!

10. A very relaxed day with Peter just watching TV and catching up on work. It was nice to hang out in the sun, drink a cider and completely chill. Saturday was a good day for that.

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