Sunday, 26 April 2015

Ten Happy Things

This week has been a rather successful one. I've managed to get so much work done and things are generally going a lot better than I had thought they were. I'm feeling more positive about my future now as well, and have decided to stop panicking so much about it. I'll work it all out eventually!

01. A successful return to school, which was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be.

02. Headed for lunch with Hannah, Sam, Ali and Daisy which was super nice and also completely free (thank you McDonald's instant wins!)

03. Got to spend a lot of time with the lovely Amy this week which has been nice, particularly having not seen her much for the two weeks previous due to busy times during the school holidays.

04. Came up with a brand new and rather exciting idea for my Photography final exam piece, which I'm going to attempt and see how it goes.

05. Headed to the pub on Wednesday evening for Chris's birthday. It was such a nice group of people and a really nice sunny evening! Here's a little picture of myself and my buddy Sam on the walk into town!

06. I got a reasonable grade in a Philosophy mock, and feeling positive about the exam! It can only get better, surely?

07. Wore my snazzy new kimono/throw over/cardigan thing. I love it so much it's so pretty and makes me really happy!

08. Looked into getting a new phone! Mine's dying a little so I'm excited to get a new one soon.

09. Found out that one of my teachers is pregnant which is totally adorable and the whole class was so excited and it's just the cutest thing!

10. Had a really lovely day with Peter: ordered a Chinese, did a lot of Photography work and ate lots of sweets. 

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