Sunday, 3 May 2015

Ten Happy Things

01. Got to see Kat and Mat, who I've not seen in a couple of weeks now. Was good to chat and catch up with them, as always!

02. Decided to go to and bought my year 13 leavers' prom. Now on the hunt for a dress!

03. Headed out for a drive with Tom which was fantastic. He's a super good friend of mine and I absolutely adore spending time with him. We headed to get his car tyres sorted and almost got totally lost! Lucky I had my navigator's brain on (and a phone with 3G!).

04. Got my new phone! Which I'm so excited about! I absolutely adore it! 

05. Did pretty well in a mock RE exam that I thought I was going to do terribly in! 

06. Got even closer to and much happier with the work I've done for my Photography exam which starts on Thursday! 

07. Grabbed a Sainsbury's pizza meal deal with Sam. Yum! 

08. Managed to read more of and further enjoy Gone Girl. It'll be finished soon and I'm so excited to see what happens! 

09. Headed to Bluewater with Peter to do some shopping. It was such a lovely day, even though I didn't find my prom dress. We picked up 12 Krispy Kreme doughnuts. What could be better? 
10. Had a lovely evening with Peter watching Britain's Got Talent and eating sweets and pasta. What a fantastic end to a lovely week! 

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