Friday, 1 May 2015

My Month in Photos | April 2015

April has been a month of polar opposites. I've had some absolutely fantastic times in the last month, but I've also reached lows that I never thought possible. Things have definitely started looking up again, and I'm excited for what May will have to offer for me. Fingers crossed it's a positive one!

Myself and the beautiful Chelsea in Supp study, being super productive! | Chilling in the common room with the lovely Safe Nath | Hannah's beautiful eye all done up for a Photography shoot

Myself and some of my favourites in school during the holidays for a bit of Photography work | A cheeky Sunday night Nando's | A Sunday night selfie at the pub

Myself and the girls headed out for a shopping trip (including Amy who was taking the photo!) | Me and Sam at Electric River | Andrew's beautiful miniature dachshund, Jaxson <3

A stroll to the pub with Sam for Chris's birthday | Free periods are my favourite things | Out for a drive with Tom

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