Sunday, 17 May 2015

Ten Happy Things

This week has been tiring to say the least, but it's also been rather hilarious at times and definitely worth all of the effort I've put in! Photography is now well and truly out of the way and I'm looking forward to focussing wholly on Media and RE as exam season approaches!

01. Completed all of my Photography work: etched into my final piece, printed all of my coursework and exam, finished my pad, mounted all of the work and labelled it, took it all to the exhibition! It's such a relief to have it all finished, as it's caused me a lot of stress over the past year. Should probably mention at this point the big love I have for Amy and all her help!

02. Had several lovely phone calls with Peter over the course of the week which have been amusing.

03. Headed out for a cheeky Nando's with Amy, Chelsea and Daisy on Monday. It was absolutely delicious (although I forgot to add haloumi to my order, which meant it was no where near as delicious as it could have been!)

04. Organised with the remainder of my classes end of year thank you gifts for the teachers, which sound like they're going to be well received so I'm very happy about that! 

05. Celebrated Amy's birthday with a pub gathering. It was lovely to see her looking super happy and also lovely to see so many people I know in one place. I'm pretty sure she enjoyed herself, and I know I enjoyed myself too! 

06. Started organising my last week of term properly - costumes for rag week are all sorted, and I'm in the process of sorting an end of year celebration with some friends next Friday. 

07. Managed to get myself a really good mark in my Media coursework which I'm insanely proud of! All my hard work definitely paid off. 

08. Had a long chat with my parents about cars which made me very happy. The prospect of actually being able to drive my own car is very exciting, as I love driving but haven't done it all that much since I passed my test, essentially due to lack of money. Hopefully soon!

09. Had a really chilled Saturday which involved me doing lots of work but also being able to relax entirely. This is why I'm happy about study leave coming up - I work so much better when I'm by myself at home.

10. Went supermarket shopping with my mum and picked up some beautiful new clothes which I absolutely love. I even grabbed myself a new pair of shoes! 

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