Sunday, 24 May 2015

Ten Happy Things

This week has been an absolute blast. It was the last week of being a sixth form student, and (minus the exams) I never have to return to school again. I'd have thought I would be quite emotional at the prospect of leaving the place I've spent the last seven years at, but ultimately I'm feeling pretty good about it. I'll be posting more about the last week of term in the next couple of weeks, but for the meantime, here's the ten things that have made me happy this week:

01. Costumes. Every single day this week has had a different theme and it's been awesome. Monday was "When I was three I wanted to be...", Tuesday was "Old Age Pensioners", Wednesday was "Decades", Thursday was "Zombie Apocalypse", and Friday was "Movies". I've decided I want to go to lots of parties where I have to get into character, not had that much fun in ages.

02. Food. Lots of it. From pizzas, to bread rolls and everything in between, the amount of food I've eaten this week has been insane and it's all been absolutely delicious.

03. Realising that I never have to attend a lesson again. I have enjoyed school, don't get me wrong, but the thought that I'm now free to move on to the next chapter of my life has made me feel quite happy. I've said before, I'm so excited to see what happens next.

04. A night out with the girls. On Wednesday night we stayed at Amy's so that we could get up bright and early to put our zombie make up on, and we headed out to the pub - it was absolutely hilarious and we had such a lovely evening. Big love to Amy's mum for putting up with us!

05. My last ever Media lesson which consisted of sitting with Amy and ordering a pizza, what an enjoyable last lesson!

06. A year 13 Zombie march around the school which was absolutely hilarious and kind of terrifying. I love my friends so much.

07. Giving the teachers presents. My RE class got together to buy our teachers some really nice leaving gifts which was adorable. The RE prefect team also got together to buy the head of department a few little presents.

08. An end of year ice cream, as paid for by the school. They get an ice cream van in every year and we all go and buy a little ice cream as a treat before we leave school. I thoroughly enjoyed my 99 with bubblegum sauce, made even more amusing by Chelsea getting ice cream in her hair!

09. An end of year barbecue, which consisted of my closest friends coming to my house and eating lots of delicious food.

10. A super chilled Saturday catching up on TV with my mum - it's the simple things.

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