Sunday, 31 May 2015

Ten Happy Things

This week has been exceptionally chilled at times, and exceptionally stressful with others. With an exam on Friday 5th, it's safe to say I've been worrying about that a lot. Nonetheless, I've still managed to have a positive and productive week!

01. Headed to Pets At Home and Dobbies with Peter to have a look around - firmly decided I wanted to get a dog when I move out, I absolutely adore them. 

02. Grabbed three "adult colouring books". I'm a massive fan of trying to find ways to unstress myself and if colouring works then I can't complain! 

03. Went into school for a Media revision session. The session itself was exceptionally helpful and I now have a much greater idea of what is expected of me in the exam which is good. 

04. Ordered my end of year 13 leavers hoodie, I don't know why this made me so happy but it did. 

05. Went to see my friend Andrew and his dog, Jaxson. Had such a good evening hanging out with them and really enjoyed their company. 

06. Spent quite a while considering my yearbook quote. It was tricky because I wanted something a bit different that related to me well. Therefore I decided on the following: 

07. Went to Camber with Tom and Amy. It was a fantastic day full of laughter and joy, and we got a fair amount of revision done as well. 

08. My prom dress arrived! As did my photo prints from rag week and my new phone case. I absolutely adore all three of them. My prom dress has made me really excited for prom and I'm so glad that I have it now. 

09. Had a very brief catch up with Ali. The two of us have been friends for over 14 years and his parents came over to sign my passport. He came with them and it was super nice to see him, particularly as I wasn't having a particularly good day at the time. I love him to bits and am so grateful that I have a good friend like him that I can rely on. 

10. Finally, I managed to get an absolute tonne of revision done. It's so exciting that it's all started to click into place and I'm feeling increasingly better about the exam. The downside to this is that I have been having to use my mum's laptop because mine has well and truly died which is sad.

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