Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The Last Week of School

Last week was my last official week at school, meaning I no longer have lessons and have only got three exams and a couple of school events until I'm officially no longer a student.
In celebration of the past 7 years, each day for the last week of term our year group dressed up in a different costume:
  • Monday - When I was three I wanted to be...
  • Tuesday - Old Age Pensioners
  • Wednesday - Decades
  • Thursday - Zombie apocalypse
  • Friday - Movies

It was a really lovely week, and there was a definite sense of community throughout. It reminded me of how much some of the people I've met in the past few years have really changed and impacted on me as a person. They've definitely left their marks and I'm extremely grateful for everything they have done for me. I feel like I've definitely made some friends for life and I'm so glad I got to spend a fraction of my school life in the company of such beautiful, strong and supportive individuals.

I thought I'd share a few photographs of myself and my lovely friends from last week, for your own enjoyment as well as mine. 

Nathan, Amy and myself on Monday - a farmer, a ballerina and a mechanic

Me and the girls

Tom and I, who were dressed strangely similarly

A rather interesting and unusual combination of some of my favourite people from the last couple of years.

Day two, and a rather confused set of OAPs

The crew!

A pretty photo of two of my absolute best friends

Amy, Daisy and me looking rather serious, Hannah looking rather comfy and Chel looking...

Starting of Decades day with 50s Daisy

Amy and Tom in Media

Some fabulous people who are definitely going to be worth remembering

Me, surrounded by my favourite females

Having a little laugh at Hannah's large skirt

Zombie apocalypse day - looking beautiful as always

The girls pulling our best zombie poses

Kenny made a real effort with his costume... 

Tom the 'survivor'

Ali 'Ash Ketchem' Gilbert and I

Bond and Bond's girls

Me, Amy, Peter and Tom (and a sleeping Hannah)

Got to meet Captain America!

Probably one of my favourite photos in the world
"The Inbetweeners are in between us"

Getting our St. Trinians on!

My bestest buddies in all the world!

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