Sunday, 7 June 2015

Ten Happy Things

This week has been exceptionally long, but I've made it through and I'm feeling positive! Here's the ten things that have made me happy this week:

01. I managed to get so much Media revision done before my Media exam on Friday. I made a heap of cards full of notes and ideas and then I managed to learn so much from them, meaning I went into my exam feeling pretty confident.

02. It seems only right that I follow 01 with the fact that the Media exam had some really lovely questions in it. I was so pleased that I had something to write for everything, and I'm hoping for a good grade this August.

03. I headed out to Lidl with dad. It seems like a relatively mundane task but we actually had a pretty good time. We're trying out different supermarkets in our household at the moment, to see which we like best for a reasonable price, and as there's a Lidl literally minutes from my house, it was definitely worth wandering over and having a look at what they had to offer.

04. A brief but rather delightful catch up with Tom. He's one of the people that I've been good friends with for a reasonably long time now and it's always nice to see him and catch up with him.

05. Spending a day with Peter. It's become quite a habit to see him on the weekend recently, but it doesn't make the time I spend with him any less enjoyable. We had a nice lunch together, watched lots of TV and then he cooked me dinner which was nice.

06. The weather this week has been incredible and has put me in the best mood! Definitely would've been a million times better with an ice cold cocktail and some BBQ food, but can't complain!

07. Finished a job application which I'm feeling good about.

08. Got a bit more reading done. It's been slow-going what with all the revision and end of term shenanigans but it's definitely a good book and one I'll finish as soon as I can!

09. A little discussion with some of my favourite people about tattoos. Not your everyday kind of conversation but one I particularly enjoyed.

10. I've been really enjoying a 'Picture Cross' app which is highly addictive - highly recommended.

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