Sunday, 14 June 2015

Ten Happy Things

01. Another exam is completed! Part one of my Religious Studies exams for this year actually went surprisingly positively. I really want the results now to be honest.

02. Managed to get myself an apprenticeship interview which I'm absolutely buzzing about. The company and their work sound awesome and I'm really hoping I get a stroke of luck on the day and that they like me. We shall see!

03. Finished another absolutely incredible book. "Me Before You" is highly recommended and I shall be reviewing it in the next couple of days. It feels like forever since I finished a book.

04. Started moving the house around. Since my sister moved out last Summer, we've been talking about changing the bedrooms around in the house but it's never happened. This week saw the start of that, and I am so excited to see the outcomes - I actually went and bought the paint for my new walls today!

05. Getting to spend time with Daisy and Nathan. They're two of my closest friends and I've not seen either of them enough over the last few weeks because of exams. I was so lucky to spend almost the entirety of Wednesday in their company.

06. My Photography exhibition. I posted on Instagram the other day how happy I was to see all my work up in exhibition, and I really was. Peter came down from London to view it, and Andrew popped along to have a look as well. What a fabulous evening.

07. Planning celebrations for after exams! I'm so close to the end now and only have one more exam!

08. I finally, after much deliberation and faffing, ordered my prom shoes. I'm so excited for them to arrive.

09. Headed out on Saturday afternoon to see my grandparents for a little while which was really nice.

10. It's a trivial one, but the TV this week has been awesome. I've particularly enjoyed snuggling in my bed with Coronation Street or Big Brother on. 

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