Saturday, 26 September 2015

Date night

Having arranged to spend four days in London with Peter, it seemed only right that we started making plans for what we might want to do with our time together. Peter named Friday "date night" and it was set that I would be spending the day completely in the dark about what was coming up. Peter arranged everything, and I just had to sit back and see what unfolded.

Date night actually started in the middle of the afternoon, when we hopped on a train. A short journey and a little wander and we came to the beautiful Southbank. Southbank is currently home to the Aurora, the Greenpeace bear, as well as the beautiful London Eye and a gorgeous view of Big Ben and Westminster. Wandering around the area, there are so many interesting sites to see.

On a slow stroll across the footbridge, I had quite a nice time reflecting on how many people were going by. The sheer number of strangers could have been overwhelming, but actually made me feel quite nice. I couldn't help making up little scenarios in my head for all the random people that were walking by. Who they are and where they are going and why. It was an interesting game to play while I was taking in the sights. I like people watching.

When we reached the other side of the footbridge, we almost immediately walked into the beginnings of theatre-land. I love this part of London because it's always buzzing with life. Unfortunately, that does sometimes make it pretty tricky to get your bearings (I'm not very good at directions in London) but Peter was on hand to determine exactly where it was that we were, and knew exactly where we were going.

Rather than have a romantic but inevitably expensive dinner together, we decided to sit down in Starbucks for a frappuccino and a Philadelphia brownie. We chilled for quite a while in there, chatting and enjoying each other's company.

When we left Starbucks, we walked towards Covent Garden and headed into the Apple Store to have a look around. Then crossed the road and went into the Disney Store. No purchases but it was nice to peruse.

After unveiling many London treasures, we went to see Matilda the musical. It's a fantastic show and I'd highly recommend it. We had really nice seats, and a good view of the stage. The kids in the show are all amazing, as are the adults, and the story is actually really good. It had a good balance between harking back to the Roald Dahl children's story, but being unique and interesting, and captivating the audience. The villains were definitely bad and the heroes were inherently heroic. It was a beautiful performance: moving and comedic.

Walking back towards Waterloo after the show was actually really nice. Seeing London in the dark is, in my opinion, a lot more exciting than seeing it during the day. I would have taken some really beautiful photos if I'd had my tripod with me, but I managed to capture a couple of okay ones on my phone, and I'm hoping I'll get the opportunity to take some in the dark on my DSLR some time soon. 

When we finally got off the train, we grabbed some chips and wandered back to Peter's flat. It was a pretty damn good end to what turned out to be a really good day.

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