Sunday, 1 November 2015

My Month in Photos | October 2015

I've had an absolutely incredible October, with some really positive days that have filled me with complete joy. I've not felt quite so good in months and I'm exceptionally glad that this October has been so upbeat for me on the whole.

There's not too many photos from this month, but the observant among you will notice I've bought myself a new camera so hopefully there will be new photos and videos in the future for me to share with you all.

A little photo of a FaceTime session I had with Peter while he was in Paris for work | OOTD: A very autumnal day at the office

Two photo montages: one for Daisy and one for Hannah. I'm so fortunate to have the best kind of friends in the world. They make me laugh lots and they're always around when I need them. They're the absolute best and I love them millions. I'm so lucky.

My new favourite shoes from H&M | A very blue day

I bought myself a little present | Screme Egg biscuits: my favourite Halloween treat!

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